About Zetton

My name is Brad Zetton, I was born in Hong Kong, and my life is dedicated to high tech engineering. I am 47 now, living in Geneve for the last 17 years. I am a chief engineer at the Swiss Solar System company, which works with solar energy. We lead in the solar energy researching and study the means of collecting and using it for people. One day our products will change the world; the same way as medical genetics is going to witness a major breakthrough brought by genomics.

Bradd Zetton About Zetton

Today, as it was at the very beginning of my path, I still follow my three principles in life, the principles that helped me to become the person I am.

  • Rule number one: deal only with reliable people, use only reliable things, they will never let you down.
  • Rule number two: wherever you are, do your best to make your life as much comfortable as you can.
  • Rule number three: don’t ever stop searching for inspiration. I find ideas for my inventions in everything around me: circling in a park, extreme travel, interesting people, industrial art, expensive speed cars. I own Cadillac Eldorado, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and Land Rover Discovery, but still, sometimes, I do walk. This helps me to be closer to people, whose lives I hope to improve with my inventions.

Trying to be in step with times I prefer to have two mobile phones. They are based on two different OS: iOS and Android. My latest project is a double-charge™ technology mobile phone charger. Though quite modest in size, this multi-purpose device is very practical for personal use and enjoys huge popularity among all my friends in Switzerland. In this invention of mine, I have discovered an ideal combination of two factors, that are highly important for me: high reliability and compatibility with any wireless gadget coming from the leading mobile device manufacturers.

Today my wish is to share my invention with other people. Its reserved and austere design will definitely look appealing to any serious man.